Ukraine receives the gold medal thanks to Bohdana Hotsko!!!

Freestyle Slides Battle competition was held just after Junior Battle. 10 skaters were competing in the Women's category. 

European Champion 2015, Bohdana Hotsko, who represents Ukraine, repeated her victory of the World Championships from last year! She was the strongest skater in her groups for the entire competition! 

"Of course I am very happy with my result, I was working hard for this victory" said Bohdana. Brais Garcia and Carlos Nelson helped me a lot to get this title. It was a very hard competition with an unexpected and difficult semi-final. I was waiting so much for this Championship and of course very happy with my victory. Big thanks to my sponsor in-Gravity and all the Spanish Team for the support!

The current world number one and bronze European Champion 2015, Natalia Krykova from Russia got the sliver medal, just like one year ago!

Natalia was very lucky today, in her opinion : "I was skating not so good before the final but did my best in the most important part of the competition. Congratulation to Bohdana!"

Chiara Lualdi  from Italy did great and surprised everyone. She was first in the third and semi finals and got the bronze medal of the WFSC!

"I am so happy" Chiara shared her feelings about the final, "it's my first bronze medal since World Championships in Germany in 2011! I didn't have a lot of time to practice so I am very satisfied with my result!" 

Another unexpected result was for Justyna Czapla  from Poland who made it to the final and got fourth place, which is very good result for her!

Unfortunately, another favorite of this discipline, Olga Fokina from Russia, could not show her best in the very difficult semi-final with Natalia and Bohdana. Olga finished fifth, winning the consolation final against Ewelina Czapla from Poland. 

Credit : Slide Open Spirit
Credit : Slide Open Spirit