First gold for Feng Hui and second for the Chinese WFSC 2015 collection ! 

The grand final of the Junior Women's Battle gathers two chinese skaters, Guan Yu Xiang and Feng Hui, the owners of the silver and bronze Battle medals of the World Championships 2014; double European Champion 2015 in the Junior category, Sofia Bogdanova from Russia and Lily Granjon from France, the bronze medalist of the EFSC 2015.


The fight was tough and the judges took time to make the final decision. 


The bronze medalist of the WFSC 2014, Feng Hui, was the strongest from this final. She performed very technical and fast runs and got her first Battle gold medal ever!


"It's unbelievable that I got the first place!" - Feng Hui said. "It's hard time for us because of the jet lag and unusual food, even if we are really in love with Italy, especially me! I am very happy as I was practicing a lot . Thanks to judges for their work. Words can't explain how happy and excited I am!"


The results were very close and silver medal of the Battle Junior Men went to Bogdanova Sofia from Russia, who showed a very clean and impressive performance. 


Silver Battle medalist of the last year, Guan Yu Xiang, had good tricks but unfortunately didn't succeed in all of them. 


Bronze medalist of the EFSC 2015, French Lily Granjon got the fourth place of the grand final. 


"I am satisfied with my results" - told us Lily after the final. "I could do better but the event is still going on and I will do my best for the Classic!"



Credit : Slide Open Spirit
Credit : Slide Open Spirit