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Interview - Davide Piacentini

Davide Piacentini is the current World #144 at the Speed Slalom World Ranking. Another random fact about the Italian skater? He is none the less than the brand-new 2013 World Champion... Read More...

WFSC Day 3 - Freestyle Battle

The men’s category had 50 registered skaters while the women were 18. Out of the October WSSA World Ranking Top-20, 16 men and 14 women were present: A promising cast ! ... Read more...


WFSC Day 2 - Classic Freestyle

Day One of the World Championships of Freestyle Skating held in Taipei was dedicated to Speed Slalom and offered an overview of the forces involved for Classic, with the evening competition of Pair Freestyle. After such an introduction, let's make room for a more thorough look into Classic Freestyle performances with the following day... Read More

WFSC Day 1 - Speed Slalom & Pair Freestyle

The event lasted four days, with speed slalom and pair classic to start with on the first day, classic on the second day, battle on the third day, and slides on the morning of the fourth day in an outdoors park nearby. Read More..



Rollerclub Cup 2013 (Rus)

The biggest international contest of the World Slalom Series 2013 in Russia was held close to Moscow on October 25-27, thanks to Rollerclub and the Russian Federation of Roller Sports. Read More...


Shanghai Slalom Open - Day 3 - Battle

Su Fei Qian (Chn) and Zhang Hao (Chn) : the last survivors of the Battle !

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Shanghai Slalom Open - Day 2 - Speed finals - Classic Seniors - Slides

Yu Jin Seong (Kor), Su Fei Qian (Chn), Wang Tzu Chien (Chn), and Lan Wang Heng (Chn) got their first victory in an international competition this season. Read the full report


Shanghai Slalom Open - Day 1 - Pair freestyle - Classic Juniors

6:30AM. Appointment in the lobby of the hotel to get on one of the three coaches that will drive us to the Bund, facing the Pearl Tower, to attend the opening ceremony at 7:30AM followed by the kick-off of the event: Pair classic...
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Europe Championships - Warsaw 2013 - Battle - D.Kuznetsova and R.Lebois double with the battle !!


For the last day of the European Championships, was scheduled the battle women and men's finals...

Europe Championships - Warsaw 2013 - Speed Slalom, Italy dominates Europe !!

The second day of the European Freestyle Skating Championships was dedicated to Speed Slalom. Warsaw 2013 broke the record of participation to the speed slalom contest with 101 competitors (95 in Paris in 2010)...
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Europe Championships - Warasaw 2013 - D.Kuznetsova and R.Lebois keep their european titles in Classic Freestyle


The 5th European Freestyle Skating Championships started on friday, July 12th, with Freestyle Classic, men and women.

In the Men category, all the Europeans of the world top 20 showed up, except M.Sloboda (#7, Ger) and the competition was the highest level ever.


Europe Championships - Warsaw 2013 - Preview

After the Inline Games of Berlin last year, it is the turn of Poland to host the Continental Competition, at the occasion of the 6th edition of Battle Warsaw, in mid-July. It will be held in the BGZ Arena, a huge velodrome close to the city center.

More than 40 women and 70 men representing 15 countries have already registered to take part in this year's European Championships. Hi Five to the handful of men and women who have enlisted for the four disciplines, Freestyle Classic, Freestyle Battle, Speed Slalom and Slides.




Interview - Jon Larrucea


Things have changed since our last interview one year ago! At the time, Jon Larrucea had reached the world's Top-3 (Jan.12), thanks to a hold-up at the 2011 European Championships (two titles) amongst other feats. At the time yet, he was saying that he felt he still had a great scope of progression ahead… Read More


PSWC 2013 - Battle & Slides


The whole Sunday was destined to BATTLE. Both categories were crowded: Four stages, starting with a first round made of 6 groups for the women and 8 for the men... preceded by qualification rounds for the non-ranked freestylers...
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PSWC 2013 - Speed Slalom


Most of the SPEED SLALOM COMPETITION took place on Saturday morning-ish, the Men's and Women's categories alternating at each round.
A slight weather improvement with a timid sun on the Trocadéro, hiding from time to time behind a bulky cloud, before making a fleeting appearance and disappearing again. At least the rain has gone away.... until it's back!...
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PSWC 2013 - Classic Freestyle


The 11th edition of the Paris Slalom World Cup started took place on May 24-26 with a heavy rain that crashed the party. Despite the tents and the volunteers' work, the cone lines were entirely wet...Read more

PSWC 2013 : Video Teaser

Here is a video presenting the next European main event which will be held on 24-26 May, the Paris Slalom World Cup 2013 !

Link to the video and to the event's information.




Zhang Hao and Guan Yu Xiang, Battle Masters 2013 !

The Battle Master's title stays in Chinese's hands ! After the victory of Ye Hao Qin and Su Fei Qian in 2012, their young compatriots imitated them and got the gold medal this year. The level was very high this year, the highest ever, but the conditions were quite difficult... read more



The third edition of BATTLE MASTERS will take place on April 29th, in Beijing like always. That competition is unique in the World Slalom Series: REGISTRATION BY INVITATION ONLY.
And guess what the requirements are? You should be in the Men's Top-16 or in the Women's Top-8 ! Read More...


Namwon Korea Open Day 3 : Ye Hao Qin, master in Korea

The last day of Namwon Korea open's freestyle contest was dedicated to battle. In the men's competition, the level was very high since 8 skaters of the word's top 10 were spread in the different groups. Ye Hao Qin (Chn), the current world champion, and "battle master", who is "only" on the world's 14th place, since he hardly can travel out of China, was eager to show that his ranking is not reflecting his real level...

After her victory in Classic freestyle yesterday, Klaudia Hartmanis (Pol) got a second gold medal in Battle...
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Namwon Korea Open Day 2 : A great day for M.Sulinowski and K.Hartmanis !

It seems that Poland is now a top country on the international scene, after the gold medal in speed slalom saturday for E.Czapla, polish Klaudia Hartmanis and Michal Sulinowski bring back 2 more victories at home, by winning the classic freestyle contest... Read More

Namwon Korea Open Day 1 : S.Nai Oleari and E.Czapla on the top

After London, Bangkok, and the Inline Games, Simone Nai Oleari (Ita) added another main event's victory in his career ; in the same competition, he beated 2012 Asia Champion Yang Hsin Chiao (Tpe) and 2012 World Champion Guo Fang (Chn)... Ewelina Czapla (Pol) got her first victory in quite uncommon circumstances.

« it was a kind of surprise to win because yesterday i thought i wouldn't be able to participate in the competition... Read More


Dasha Kuznetsova : "Working one's wheels to the hub pays off"


Dasha Kuznetsova reached the world's #1 place last July and has hold on to it since then. With amongst other wins, national and European titles in both Battle and Classic, as well as a silver medal at the World's in Classic outclassed in the Senior category, the young Russian scores the maximum points at her Best 4 this season. She seems unstoppable... Read More

Polina Semenova : "Talking 'bout the new generation"

Polina Semenova finishes the 2012 season at the 5th place of the World Ranking, only 20 points behind young Chinese Su Fei Qian (1080 v 1100). After all these years of competition, she still keeps up in the Top5!
For a couple of months this spring, she briefly seized the 1st place for the first time in her career, before being ousted by her fellow compatriot Dasha Kuznetsova last July... A good opportunity to end up a career with a flourish for a proudly retired pro-skater ! Read More...


Kim Sung Jin (KOR) : "Time for a new chapter"



Last July, for the first time in 21 consecutive months, the Freestyle crown has changed heads. Korean Kim Sung Jin's reign was the longest in the history of Freestyle, and French Romain Lebois put an end to it. It is not a complete failure though, as the two competitors score the same number of points at their Best 4: They were separated according to their number of competitions in the season, relegating the former king to the silver step (9 vs. 26 competitions in 2012).
However, the King of Freestyle is getting weary and is shifting to a new life with new challenges… Touring with a circus, why not? Read More...


Cristina Rotunno (ITA) : "Step by step"


From World #2 last January, Italian Cristina Rotunno reached the supreme place for good in September, after a quick overview in July when she briefly touched the golden throne. It is the result of years of patience, training and focus, fighting against her team-mate Barbara Bossi whom she ousted after a 23-month reign! Back on her 2012 season... read more


Barbara Bossi (ITA) : "Everything happens for a reason"

After 22 months at the top of the world ranking, Barbara Bossi's first place was challenged by her Italian team mate Cristina Rotunno in July. She briefly managed to get it back in August but lost it as soon as September for the remaining of the season... read more

Simone Nai Oleari (ITA) : "Speed in the genes"

Simone Nai Oleari is the speed slalom specialist who took part in the most competitions in 2012. He took the lead of the World Ranking in August.
After having changed places with Kim Sung Jin in March, reaching the World's 2nd place and relegating the Korean to the 3rd place, the grandson of a multiple running champion ousted French multi-world champion Yohan Fort who had been ruling the world for 12 months… read more




Alexandre Claris (FRA) : "Variety from A to Z"

From January to July, Alexandre Claris goes from the 13th to the 4th place at the Freestyle World Ranking, and stabilizes at the 5th place since August.
With amongst other results, a good bunch of 3rd places on international competitions (Battle: Moscow, London, Busto. Classic: Berlin, London), a European title and a Top5 ranking in all the categories at the World Championship, he finish the year at the world's 5th place… read more

MARYNA BOIKO (UKR) : "Better steady than sorry"

After 13 consecutive months at the top of the World Ranking, Marina Boyko let the 1st place by the end of 2011. During 2012, after a bad summer patch which brought her down to the 6th place, she re-entered the Top3 to settle at the 3rd place since August, confirming bronze with a double victory in Busto, ITA by the end of September (Classic & Battle)... read more

Angelika Prucnal (POL) : "The rising star"
Regularly reaching the battle finals on main and major events this season (European Championships in Berlin facing the current Top3 skaters, Battle Busto), even getting the Battle bronze and the Classic silver at SkateLondon, 2011 World No.20 Angelika Prucnal gained more than 10 places, entered the Top10 and finished 2012 at the 7th place of the World Ranking! ... read more


Michal Sulinowski (POL) …From "interesting" to "dangerous"


From January 2012 to January 2013, Michal Sulinowski went from the 41st place to the 3rd place of the Freestyle World Ranking, from 658 points scored to 1169 on his Best 4, and from 9 to 17 competitions per year… No doubt he is the most impressive progression of the year... read more




Klaudia Hartmanis (POL), "The inexhaustible all-rounder"

From the 6th place at the threshold of the Top5 in January 2012, she is the current World #2 since July.
K.Hartmanis is still improving her position little by little... read more

ROMAIN LEBOIS (FRA) "The Wheeling Machine Gun Massacre"
From being a dangerous challenger in the first half of the year, he shifted to the supreme side of the force in becoming the new world leader in July, especially thanks to a European title in Classic and to good results in Battle: 1st at the PSWC, 3rd at the Battle Masters Beijing and at the World Championships in Lishui... Read More...


Looking back onto the 2012 World Slalom Series...

New years are always occasions to look back onto previous years. Let's have a little recap on 2012 and the evolution of the World Slalom Series! Read more...