The 3rd edition of the Slalom Fest was held in Mexico DF on 21 and 22 June 2014. Skaters from Mexico and Argentina were competing in the first Mexican two-cones event. The competition included Speed Slalom, Battle and Freestyle Classic. Here is a short report about the event.

Speed Slalom Women

Samantha Mogrovejo (Mex, #264) won the final against Carolina Villavicencio (Mex, #290).  Jessica Rodriguez (Mex, #279) finished third. It is the second victory in a row for Samantha Mogrovejo, who beated her personal speed record to become the fastest women in North America (Free start 6.208 sec / signal start 6.993 sec)



1. Mogrovejo Cisneros Leticia Samantha (Mex)

2. Villavicencio Sandoval Carolina (Mex)

3. Rodriguez Retana Maria Jessica (Mex)

Speed Slalom Men

Jonathan Mogrovejo (Mex, #422) got his 3rd victory in a row in Mexico beating Gonzalo Cobo (Arg, #35) in the final. Ricardo Batiz (Mex, #85), who showed the best time in the qualification (5.229 sec), ended up on the third step of the podium.



1. Mogrovejo Cisneros Jonathan (Mex)

2. Cobo Gonzalo Javier (Arg)

3. Batiz López Ricardo (Mex)

Women’s Freestyle Battle

There were 9 skaters for the Women's Battle. Carolina Villavicencio(Mex, #297) won the Battle final and kept her 2013 title in front ofGabriela Ramos (Mex, #382), who ended up at the 2nd place, the best result in her career so far. The Speed Slalom winner, Samantha Mogrovejo (Mex, #357), took the third place. Jessica Rodriguez (Mex, #316) finished fourth.



1. Villavicencio Sandoval Carolina (Mex)

2. Ramos Uribe Ana Gabriela (Mex) 

3. Mogrovejo Cisneros Leticia Samantha (Mex)

4. Rodriguez Retana Maria Jessica (Mex)

Men’s Freestyle Battle

34 skaters were competing in the Men's Battle. Ricardo Batiz (Mex, #55) got the victory in the Battle final, thanks to a better variety of tricks and a better success in his tricks. Gonzalo Cobo (Arg, #31), favorite of the final finished right behind him, G.Cobo couldn’t finish all his tricks, and despite trying more difficult combos, didn’t get enough success in the final. Carlos Tungüí (Mex, #592), ended up on the 3rd step of the podium, his best result so far (4th place in 2013). The Speed Slalom winner, Jonathan Mogrovejo (Mex, #551), got the 4th place. 



1. Batiz López Ricardo (Mex)

2. Cobo Gonzalo Javier (Arg)

3. Tungüí Sánchez Roberto Carlos (Mex)

4. Mogrovejo Cisneros Jonathan (Mex)

Women's Classic

Before the Battle victory on Sunday, Carolina Villavicencio (Mex, #297) won the Classic competition on Saturday, with a more technical and more artistic run than her competitors. The Speed Slalom winner, Samantha Mogrovejo (Mex, #357), took a good second place. Gabriela Ramos (Mex, #382) ended up on the 3rd step of the podium.



1. Villavicencio Sandoval Carolina (Mex)

2. Mogrovejo Cisneros Leticia Samantha (Mex)

3. Ramos Uribe Ana Gabriela (Mex)

Men's Classic

The Battle winner, Ricardo Batiz (Mex, #55), got the victory of the Classic as well the day before. He performed his best run so far in a classic freestyle contest, finishing without any penalty on a well constructed rock & roll style. Gonzalo Cobo (Arg, #31) took one more 2nd place, thanks to a good technical run, but with too many mistakes to reach the first place. Mariano Amoroso (Arg, #468) finished on the 3rd step of the podium, with a well constructed run artistically, but with a much lower technical base than the 2 first skaters.




1. Batiz López Ricardo (Mex)

2. Cobo Gonzalo Javier (Arg)

3. Amoroso Mariano Nicolas  (Arg)

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