The Women's Speed Slalom times continue to improve!

Credit : Mokeeva Natalia
Credit : Mokeeva Natalia

During the first main event of this year, which was held in Korean Namwon on April, the current Free Start WSSA world record in the Women's category was unofficially beaten twice in a row. Chen Bei Yi (Tpe) performed the fastest time, beating with a time 4,512 sec the last one, which was just achieved in the previous round by Lo Pei Yu (Tpe) (4,568 sec), beating the best time of Lily Granjon (Fra) during the Acrocéan event (4,674 sec)!!! Unfortunately, due to the technical problems of the skating ground, the judges team headed by the main judge, could not recognize this time as the official WSSA record, but it does not diminish how incredible this achievement is. We congratulate Chen Bei Yi and Lo Pei Yu with this great result and look forward to the next competition! Lily Granjon is still the WSSA World Record holder but let's see for how long! 

Polina Semenova for

Photo by Natasha Mokeeva

May 2016