Lo Pei-Yu : I hope to confirm my Junior Speed Slalom World Champion title this year.

Credit : Carroll Wong
Credit : Carroll Wong

The current Junior Speed Slalom World Champion and the triple WSSA Speed Slalom world records' holder, Lo Pei-Yu (Tpe), shares her skating story with us in this interview, made by Carroll Wong during the Asian Skating Championship.


Carroll : Did you expect to make a new record during the Shanghai Slalom Open competition?

Lo Pei-Yu : No, I never thought that I would break the world record! I didn’t even know I did it until I went back to Taiwan.


Carroll : How do you feel about it?

Lo Pei-Yu : I feel so good, I am very happy about it!


Carroll : How often do you train now?

Lo Pei-Yu : I train with my team four times a week (about 1.5 - 2 hours every training)


Carroll : What is your future objective?

Lo Pei-Yu : My objective is to become the junior speed slalom world champion again this year.


Carroll : Which event you will join next?

Lo Pei-Yu : The next event for me will be the WFSC in Bangkok.


Carroll : When did you start learning skating?

Lo Pei-Yu : I started learning speed skating at the age of 5. My father was my coach since then. When I was 8, my father discovered speed slalom and decided to teach me speed slalom instead.


Carroll : What is your most unforgettable competition?

Lo Pei-Yu : Definitely it was the WFSC 2015 in Turin, when I won my first World Champion title in the Junior category.


Carroll : Who do you think is your most important competitor?

Lo Pei-Yu : I think it's my teammate and my best friend, Chen Bei Yi.


Credit : Carroll Wong
Credit : Carroll Wong

Carroll : If we want to introduce one more event category into competition under speed slalom, what do you suggest?

Lo Pei-Yu : I would suggest the 50 cm speed slalom category as my team sometimes also practice this for training.


Carroll : In the past Lishui Asian Championships, you had an accident in your last pk round with Chen Bei Yi, how was it happened ?

Lo Pei-Yu : One of my wheel broke and I crashed with the camera in front of me. No big injury, i had just small bruises on my leg.


Carroll : Apart from skating, do you have other interests?

Lo Pei-Yu : I also play Volleyball.


Carroll : Any thanks? Anything you want to say?

Lo Pei-Yu : I want to thank my father. He is my coach and my support. He is always by my side. I also thank Chen Bei Yi, without her I would not be who I am now. We grow up and train together and now we compete together too. One thing I want to suggest is I hope wssa can issue a certificate or award or trophy in the breaking the world records as a kind of recognition and encouragement. Maybe they could do it once at the end of every year (if any).


Carroll Wong for WorldSlalomSeries.com

Photo by Carroll Wong

November 2016