The new time trial WSSA World Record by Pedram Ranjbar !!!

Marshal Cup is the first prime event in Iran, which is taking place on August, 11-12, in Tehran. The Junior bronze medalist of the WFSC 2015, Pedram Ranjbar (Aut) made a new time trial WSSA world record in the Men's category! He performed 4,121 sec which is faster than the last one, achieved by Brivio Savio (Ita) in 2012, during the Busto Battle (4,184 sec)! The record was officially recognised by WSSA and Head Judge. 


"Since I have started this season's training my goal was to break the world record", Pedram shares his emotions, "This morning I was very focused about the reaching my goal. After few long and stressful seconds after my second time trial, Mr. Omidvari announced my time. I realised that If I really want something, I can achieve everything, working hard for my dream. Now I am motivated to train even better. I want to thank my father for supporting me all the way. My coach Mr. Behnam Ayria was always beside me, so many thanks to him. I also thank my family and all my friends and my supporters! Don’t ever give up, I never did! Thanks again. Love you all!"


Polina Semenova for

Photo by Rollerclub

August 2016