"Klaudia Hartmanis (POL)

"The inexhaustible all-rounder"

World #2 Freestyle (Jan.13)
World #3 Speed (Jan.13)

2012 Facts:
- 22 competitions in 2012
- Best 4: 1219 (Total score: 4821)

From the 6th place at the threshold of the Top5 in January 2012, you are the current World #2 since July.
You are still improving your position little by little. Are you satisfied with your world #2 place?

Yes, I’m so glad about it. It’s a big honor for me to be so high in the ranking. I’ve never dreamed to get results like this. But I am also aware that there are a lot of very good girls, mainly from China, that are better than me. Thanks to them, I will always have a huge motivation to develop myself.

Your most important competition in 2012?

For me the World and the European Championships are the most significant events in the year, because in these events I can compete with the best skaters of all Europe or World and share or gain experiences with them.
Titles that I have so far make me more determined and motivate me to practice constantly.

Your best performance in 2012?
I would say the Classic I did in London and then in China for the WFSC '12. I had trained on it for one week but with my boyfriend's help. Thanks to him I could put more style and less but difficult tricks in my run. As a result, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the video. It is my favorite program.

Klaudia Hartmanis, 2012 SkateLondon Classic:

What do you want to improve for 2013 ?

I love slalom because there will always be news thing I can do! 
For the moment, I am practising toe christy (I hope to see some results soon haha). Moreover, I want to improve all the wheelings I do now. Hmm, I also cannot hide that it would be nice to create something new apart from combos. 

You are a freestyle skater above all but you are pretty good at speed slalom too! You were already in the Top10 last January, but now you are in the Top3, just behind the two Italian bosses. How do you feel about that?

Honestly it’s hilarious , because I do not practice speed slalom generally. I tried once, but after 30 minutes I got bored. But maybe it is time to consider and improve it? 

b- What results brought you to the world #3 place?
Probably results from Moscow, London, Busto and Beriln. 

What are your competition objectives for 2013, in freestyle and speed slalom?
- Your world ranking?
It’s awesome now, so I’ll do my best to keep it 
- Titles you want to get? My biggest dream is to be 1st at the European and World Championships. I will feel fulfilled after that, but we’ll see… 

- Skaters you want to beat?
Amazing Chinese girls 

You are the woman who took part in the most competitions in 2012 (22!), and the second after Romain Lebois (26).

Do you want to do more next year?
Where do you plan to go?
Oh really? I didn’t know that.
All my trips were great and a lot of good memories will stay in my head.
Of course I’d love still travel like so far. My plans? Time will tell...


Other things you want to add?
Take an opportunity, I would like say thank you to everyone! First, thanks to SEBA and Igor for giving me possibility to travel a loooot and skating on the best quality equipment!! To the whole SEBA Team for being one big family with positive energy. To my family, boyfriend and real friends for the best support ! 
And to all skaters for making our sport! Also thank you all people who hosted and invited me! I could keep writing... so in short THANK YOU everybody! :D


Interview by Chloe Seyres for WorldSlalomSeries.com / January 2013