Alexandre Claris :


"Variety from A to Z"

World #5 Freestyle (Jan.13)
World #2 Speed (Jan.13)

2012 Facts:
- 18 competitions in 2012
- Best 4: 1150 (Total score: 3841)

From January to July, Alexandre Claris goes from the 13th to the 4th place at the Freestyle World Ranking, and stabilizes at the 5th place since August.
With amongst other results, a good bunch of 3rd places on international competitions (Battle: Moscow, London, Busto. Classic: Berlin, London), a European title and a Top5 ranking in all the categories at the World Championship, he finish the year at the world's 5th place… only 7 points at the Best 4 behind Lee Choong Goon (1150 v. 1157).

From the World's Top15 to the Top5, are you satisfied with your progression?
I am super happy indeed! My objective of the 2012 season was to enter the Top10… Let's say that the contract has been fulfilled, and beyond expectancies! Now, I am going to try to confirm my place in that Top5 and show that I can do even better :p

What was the hardest title to get, the one you are the proudest of in 2012?
I am particularly proud of my European title (note: in Battle)… It is true that I was in great shape but I was not the favorite, I was an outsider. And thanks to the support of a lot of skaters and to non-sporting events, I could surpass myself to get the title… Again today, when I watch the video of the final, it makes me shiver!


2012 European Freestyle Skating Championships, Berlin. Men's Battle, Final:

What was the most stimulating competition for you in 2012?
Most certainly the World Championships (note: in Lishui, China.) I had just spent an amazing month of August, traveling with my skates and I had trained a lot. Thus, I was pretty ready for that event. I set the bar very high, and that is why I was disappointed with my results, even in ending up 5th in Battle, and 4th in Classic  and in Speed. I am far-sighted: the medal was the objective! Now I have turned the page, and I see in capital letter "WFSC 2013"! I know that I will not leave that competition with regrets :p

What did you improve in your skating during the last 12 months, and what do you what to improve for 2013?
In 2012 I focused on the variety of my tricks, because I had already mastered all the toe wheelings but I had a lot of work to do for all the heel wheelings. Then I worked specifically on the speed of my tricks because after my trips in Asia, I would always go back to France saying to myself "These Chinese are fast…" I wanted to be as fast as them! Because I think that tricks are twice as stylish when they are performed with speed. That is why I always want to be faster, it is never enough!

Which freestylers would you compare yourself to?
There are three skaters I like a lot as for their skating. First of all, Igor Cheremetieff because that guy always finds tricks that nobody has ever though of before. He gives me lots of ideas for new tricks, Igor's the thing!
Then, Jon Larrucea because I admire his style, his legs seem to mingle when he freestyles, I get a lot of inspiration from him for my freestyle part!
And last but not least, Romain Lebois because we entered the WSSA series together, we went everywhere, we did the most stupid things ever ^^ and even if I think that we are about the same level, each time I see him skating he surprises me, and now he is the World's Number 1! I am so happy for him!!

What are your freestyle objectives for 2013?
My 2013 are quite simple. Getting a medal at the World Championships, keeping my European title, and entering the Top3 in Freestyle. And of course, the baccalaureate!!!!

Better known as a freestyler, you are pretty good at speed slalom too: from World #12 in January 2012, you reached the 2nd place in August and have fought to keep it until now!

What performances promoted you to that Word's 2nd place?
A win in Warsaw, a 2nd place in Busto and two 4th places at the European and the World Championships…

What are your aims in speed slalom for next year?
Next year, I would like to stay in the Top3 in Speed!


Interview by Chloe Seyres for / January 2013