Two WSSA World Records for Lo Pei-Yu and Pan Yu Shuo!

Two new WSSA World records which have been made during past World Freestyle Skating Championship, which took place in Thailand in November 2016, have finally been validated. 


Lo Pey Yu (Tpe) continues to improve her results, beating two WSSA records at the same time. She made a new KO WSSA world record in the Women's category, performing a time 5.129 sec, which is faster than the previous record, made by Cristina Rotunno (Ita) during the Paris Slalom World Cup 2016 - 5.290 sec. With this new time limit she also beat the KO World Championships record, which was achieved by herself in October 2015, during the WFSC 2015 in Italy (5.301 sec). 

The current Speed Slalom World Champion, Pan Yu Shuo (Chn) brought the first WSSA Speed Slalom world record to China! He performed 4.735 sec, beating the previous KO WSSA and World Championships record of 4.766 sec, which was achieved by Savio Brivio (Ita) during the WFSC 2014 in Paris. 

Both records were approved and recognized by WSSA judges team of WFSC 2016. We apologize for the delay and congratulate Lo Pey Yu and Pan Yu Shuo with this great results, wishing them new achievements in 2017! 

Polina Semenova for

Videos by georgejrchiu

May 2017