Video of PSWC 2018


Check out the PSWC 2018 Video ! 

This year again the best freestyle skaters came from all around the world to take part in the event.

Around 150 skaters from 15 countries enjoyed 3 full days of competitions dedicated to freestyle. 


DAY 1 

Speed Slalom competition.

Xiao Bing-Sheng (TPE), who came all the way Chinese Taipei and who won the last 3 cones event in Russia & Germany during his European tour, did it again and in addition broke the world record with an incredible run in 4,716 sec. First after the time trials, he kept the first place winning the final against the World N°1 : Pedram Ranjbar Vakili (AUT). Jimmy Fort (FRA) took the 3rd place after an incredible semi-final he lost against Xiao Bing-Sheng with times lower than 4,8 for both skaters.


The Senior Women category was mostly a fight between France & Italy. Lily Granjon (FRA) confirm her status of World Champion and took the first place against Laura La Volpe (ITA). The 3rd place KO was between Zoé Granjon (FRA) & Gomathi Berti (ITA). The french World N°1 made it and took the 3rd place of this competition. 


In Junior men, the fight for the title was between Remy Ménard (FRA) & Chou Po Wei (TPE)… They met several times this year and it was always close between them. This time, Chou Po Wei (TPE) took the 1st place & Remy Ménard (FRA) was 2nd. Stefano Galbiati (ITA) from new generation of good skaters from Italy took the 3rd place of the competition. 


Sveva Romano (ITA) took the lead of junior women category. She ended 1st with the best qualification and final time. 2nd place is awarded to Matilde Arosio (ITA)

Italy confirmed its domination on this category with Francesca Pettinari (ITA) at the 3rd place & Sara Pasqualini (ITA) at the 4th place.



Team Speed Slalom :

This new category was proposed for the first time of the history of freestyle. 15 teams of 3 skaters took part. 

Launching a test event on an international competition lead to incredible teams. The winners of the team speed slalom are Pedram Ranjbar Vakili (AUT), Jimmy Fort (FRA) & Gian Marco Rosato (ITA). (Respectiveley World N°1, N°3 and N°4 !!)


They made it in front of a 100% Italian team composed by Lorenzo Demuru (ITA), Yuki Santoni Nicolhas (ITA) & Valério Degli Agostini (ITA) who took the 2nd place. At the 3rd place we have a team 100% Chinese Taipei with mix of Juniors and Seniors : Xiao Bing-Sheng (TPE), Chou Po Wei (TPE) & Chou Chi You (TPE). 

 Slides : 

Spanish skaters confirm their leadership in the  Men's Slides discipline. They took the first 5 places of the competition. Enrique Rubio (ESP) did it again and won the slides competition. Carlos Nelson (ESP) came 2nd of the final in front of Brais Garcia (ESP) at the 3rd place. 4th of the final is Javier Nunez Cacho Catalan (ESP). The winner of the consolation Adrian Galvan is also from Spain. 


For the women category, Bohdana Hotsko (UKR) won against the well known russian champions Natalia Krykova (RUS) and Olga Fokina (RUS) who finished respectively 2nd and 3rd. The 4th place of the final was awarded to Muyuan Zhu (ESP).



Day 2 : 


Classic Day.


The Italian new generation is now leading Classic freestyle and the results is clear with 4 Italian skaters in the top 4. 

Valerio Degli Agostini (ITA) took the 1st place in front of his team mate, Lorenzo Guslandi (ITA), 2nd, and Yuki Santoni Nicolhas (ITA) 3rd. Lorenzo Degli Agostini (ITA) took the 4th place. 


The women competition was more varied in terms of countries  at the top places… Daria Kuznetsova (RUS) won the competition one more time. She’s followed by Chiu Yin-Hsuan (TPE) who did a great season, and is improving each year. 3rd place is awarded to Klaudia Hartmanis (POL) who keeps her place inside the close familly of best skaters worldwide !


Junior men category was dominated by Chinese Taipei skaters with a 1st place for Chou Po Wei (TPE) and a 2nd place for Chang Wei Jen (TPE). The French new generation is represented by Titouan De Galassus (FRA) on the 3rd step of the podium. 


Junior women category was lead by Russian skaters. They took the best 4th positions of the competition. Sofia Bogdanova (RUS) took the first place in front of Anna Smirnova (RUS) who ended 2nd. Ekaterina Grigorieva (RUS) completed the 3rd step of the podium and was followed by another Russian skater at the 4th place : Yulia Komissarova (RUS).


Pair Freestyle Classic : 

The top skaters of the freestyle world ranking from Italy Valério Degli Agostini (ITA) & Lorenzo Guslandi (ITA) are using their great skills together and got the victory. Klaudia Hartmanis (POL) and the new polish generation represented by Zofia Brezezinska (POL) ended 2nd of the competition. Russian skaters Daria Konyukhova & Anna Smirnova (RUS) finally took the 3rd place of this competition. 



Jump :


Flavien du Peloux (FRA) won the competition with a great jump at 145 cm. He is followed by 3 skaters who all jumped 135cm. The rules that allow judges to classify the skaters gave advantage to Matteo Pallazzi (ITA) & Lorenzo Demuru (ITA) who ended respectively 2nd & 3rd. 4th place was awarded to former world N°1 Alexandre Fantuz (FRA).


Maeliss Conan (FRA) stays one of the best jumpers world wide and won this competition one more time with her best jump at 118cm. As for the men category, she’s followed by 3 women who all jumped 105cm. The 2 italians Giogia Pavanello (ITA) & Arianna Crippa (ITA) were 2nd & 3rd. Spanish Muyuan Zhu (ESP) ended 4th of the competition. 




DAY 3 : 


Battle Day.

Valério Degli Agostini (ITA) did the best performance and added one more victory after classic the day before by winning the Battle. He is followed closely by Lorenzo Gulsandi (ITA) at the 2nd place and Lorenzo Demuru (ITA), 3rd. The 4th place of the final was awarded to Ambroise Nicolao (FRA)


Daria Kuznetsova (RUS) also confirmed her good feelings from the day before by winning the Battle. Klaudia Hartmanis (POL) took a nice 2nd place in front of Zoé Granjon (FRA) who ended 3rd of this competition. Last place of the final was taken by Alba Garcia Patino (ESP)






Check below the video shot and edited by Jeremy Vallaury showing a summary of what happened during those 3 days.