Moscow Judge Training

March 16th – 17th


FRENCH Version

Before the Moscow Roller Cup, which took place on March 18-20th, was held a WSSA Judge Training. The training was scheduled on two days: Wednesday 16th was dedicated to the courses, and the test was on Thursday 17th. All skaters were welcome if they wished to subscribe to the training, no special invitation was needed.  The event was advertized on the internet and mentioned in the 2011 Events list on the World Slalom Series WebSite.  

Nearly 20 skaters came to attend the courses and take the test. Most of them were from Russia, but there was also a couple of Ukrainians and Belarusians, and one French (myself).


It was the second WSSA official judge training and test, the first one having taken place just before the first WSSA World Championships in Singapore, in December 2008.


The courses were given in English by qualified WSSA international judges, and covered all the disciplines of Freestyle. 

The Classic part was given by Naomi Grigg, the Speed Slalom as well as the Slide parts were given by Anatoly Gorbatov and Vladimir Tkachev, and the Battle part by Igor Cheremetieff (non-official but highly experienced).


Anatoly Gorbatov and Vladimir Tkachev also gave an overview of the new Russian Classic Rules, in order to compare different evaluation systems and visions.


The tests were much more elaborated than previously: there were written tests for each discipline, and a classic judging exercise consisting in judging three classic runs in a row and then meeting the judges in personal interviews to explain the results. The whole process took the entire Thursday to be completed.


Note: No test was taken for the Slide discipline as the rules are currently being revised.


In the end, only half of the students passed, becoming WSSA National Judges. Three students out of this half, being already experienced National Judges, upgraded to International Judges.


Here is the list (in no special order) of the newly qualified judges:


WSSA International Judges:

  • Kalachkin Vladimir (RUS)
  • Semenova Polina (RUS)
  • Seyres Chloe (FRA)


WSSA National Judges:

  • Kharytonov Roman (UKR)
  • Ryazantsev Kirill (RUS)
  • Lysenko Kristina (RUS)
  • Milyoknin Dmitry (RUS)
  • Shitov Andrey (RUS)
  • Alexeev Yuri (RUS)




  • Battle, Classic, Speed slalom and Slides WSSA Rules
  • World Slalom Skaters Association (WSSA) Website


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